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Why does my circuit breaker constantly trip?

Your circuit could possibly be overloaded. The remedy for this problem would be to install additional outlets with new circuits.

Why is the cord to my lamps and appliances hot to the touch?

You may have a defective cord cap or wall outlet. When cords are hot to the touch there may be a risk for an electrical fire.

Can I use an extension cord for my air conditioner?

It is not recommended but if it is absolutely necessary you may use an extension cord that is less than 10 feet, rated 20 amperes, heavy duty or outdoor cord type.

Does my furnace need to be serviced? If so, how often?

Yes, your furnace needs to be serviced yearly.

I have antifreeze in my hot water heating system. Does it need to be changed?

No, but it should be tested yearly to make sure the strength of the antifreeze and the PH level are still effective to prevent freezing of heating pipes.

In the winter what is the lowest thermostat setting advisable to minimize the chances of my pipes freezing?

50 degrees is the lowest possible setting.

Why do my radiators clang like someone is hitting it with a hammer?

It is called water hammering. There are many reasons why this occurs. Most of the time this can be repaired.

Why should I call an air conditioning contractor to install an air conditioner when I could buy and install one on my own?

An air conditioning contractor is able to evaluate the size and type of system that will adequately cool your space by doing a heat load calculation. Many factors need to be taken into consideration, not just the size of the space.

What services are required to maintain a central air conditioning system?

Can I add zones to my existing heating / cooling unit with separate thermostats?

Yes we can add zone controls with thermostats.

Why does my clothes dryer need to be professionally cleaned?

During normal operation of the clothes dryer lint build up accumulates around the outer surface of duct and vent assemblies. This causes diminished air flow and a potential fire hazard.

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We have contracted LLoyds Electrical to maintain our central air conditioning and heating systems for the last 10 years. We haven't had anything malfunction in 10 years, so we are more than happy with the service. They always show up on time and the owner really cares about doing a great job.


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